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Manufacturers of advanced pipeline welding systems and manufacturers and support of non-conventional machining systems. MPP Technologies comprises of three divisions - Advanced Machining Technologies, Advanced Welding Technologies and MyAuthentic8.

Advanced Machining Technologies

AMT offer a turnkey precision engineering consultation and design service. Our complete solution – from design and testing, to delivery and maintenance – means we gain a complete understanding of our clients’ requirements before developing an elegant solution that meets your exact needs. Our work covers bespoke solutions across EDM, Wire EDM (spark erosion) machines and ECM, as well as STEM Drilling and Fast Hole Drilling.

As well as our signature consultation services we also retrofit and refurbish existing machines, supply a range of conventional EDM and ECM machines from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and we are a sub-contractor of parts.

Photius Welding System

Photius has all the automation expected of a high end welding system at a fraction of the cost.

Small and light enough for onshore pipelines, Photius weighs in at less that 16.5Kg minimising operator fatigue. It's low profile requires minimal clearance under the pipe.

Operation of Photius is intuitive and the unique design of the operator control unit ensures that any operator can reach maximum productivity in the shortest possible time.


MyAuthenticis the only choice for a cost effective solution to eradicate any counterfeiting of your brand. We provide a solution which provides complete Track and Traceability, Digital Serialisation and Authenticity. Our system provides a complete audit trail from your Factories, Distributors, Warehouses, Retailers & Consumers ensuring complete peace of mind, safety and security.

To find out more, get in touch with MPP Technologies at [email protected] or simply fill out the contact form below.
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